3F, 97 Sec. 2 DunHua S. Rd. Taipei Taiwan

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Hell Gette: CTRL3R
Each Modern is thrilled to unveil its brand-new location with the inaugural exhibition, “CTRL3R,” featuring German artist Hell Gette’s latest series of work produced during her residency in Los Angeles. Following Gette’s previous participation in the group show “Cyberpunk,” this marks the artist’s fourth collaboration with the gallery, and most notably, her very first solo exhibition in Asia.

The exhibition title “CTRL3R” is the combination of the computer command key “ctrl” and “controller” as in gaming tool. As viewers progress from one painting to another, Gette’s series of works becomes a “video game” on canvas. The story grandiosely commences with scenes of a dragon, a valley, and palm trees. The progression of the narrative is guided by emojis hidden in the paintings, such as mushrooms, flexed arms, swords, coins, and more. The climax features a showdown between three goddesses: a genie, an artist and a fairy who successfully vanquish the dragon, drawing parallels to a modern interpretation of Artemisia Gentileschi's "Judith Slaying Holofernes." Just like the powerful women depicted in Gentileschi's painting, the female characters in Hell Gette's works also express such fearless determination: the artist boldly raises her powerful arms, holding a palette, while the fairy hovers in mid-air, setting money ablaze.

Hell Gette: CTRL3R
Dates|November 16 - December 23, 2023
Venue|3F, 97 Sec. 2 DunHua S. Rd. Taipei Taiwan
Reception|4 - 6 pm, November 18, 2023
Opening Hours| Tue. - Sat. 12:30 - 6:30 pm


Address3F, 97 Sec. 2 DunHua S. Rd. Taipei Taiwan


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