CaM Usage Guidelin

This guideline (the "Guideline") is a summary of points other than those specified in the Terms of Use (the "ToU") when using "CaM" (the "Service") which is the service provided by NeuerGarten Inc. ("NeuerGarten") for contemporary art collectors and art galleries (the "User").
The Guideline forms part of the ToU for the Service and will be updated as needed.
Please be sure to read the Guideline with the ToU when using the Service. Please note that NeuerGarten staff may ask you to revise Posted Contents that violates the ToU and the Guideline, and other Posted Content that NeuerGarten consider inappropriate. In addition, if it is determined that the content of the violation is serious and has a large impact on other users, the Company may stop using it immediately.

1. Prohibition of commercial use except for art galleries

The Service is operated as a service for interaction between contemporary art collectors and art galleries, and as a general rule, commercial use by anyone other than art galleries who are registered as members approved by NeuerGarten.

2. Content as a collection that User other than art galleries can post

Due to the nature of the Service, collections to be posted by User other than art galleries are limited to the artworks collected from outside. Please avoid to post any art works created by yourself.

3. About comments

The Service is a platform for everyone to enjoy their favorite arts, and it is very important that various values exist together. When commenting, please respect each other's collections and interests. In addition, communication with others on the Internet may cause unexpected discomfort to the other person compared to face-to-face communication, so please be careful when commenting.