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Gropup Show| Akiko Ando, Mitsuo Kim, Sen Takahashi, Sho Tatsuta | "Distant Everyday"
Gropup Show| Akiko Ando, Mitsuo Kim, Sen Takahashi, Sho Tatsuta | "Distant Everyday"

Wednesday, October 05, 2022 ‒ Sunday, November 06, 2022

LEESAYA is pleased to announce that it will be holding "Distant Everyday", a group show by Akiko Ando, Mitsuo Kim, Sen Takahashi, and Sho Tatsuta, beginning on October 5 (Wed.), 2022.

Ever since LEESAYA opened its doors in October 2019, the world has seen a steady stream of momentous developments, including the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, the coup d'état in Myanmar, the spread of the Black Lives Matter movement, climatic abnormalities in various regions, the still continuing war between Russia and Ukraine, worsening inflation… Come to think of it, has there been even one “ordinary” day in these last three years? We have somehow made it to the present in spite of being knocked about by extraordinary situations on a routine basis. When did an everyday this sensational become the norm? Things may have been this way from the start, and even bigger changes may be awaiting us down the road.

Under these circumstances, art and music can slow the pace of days of dizzying change while allowing us to retrace our steps and suggesting the possibility of altering our direction. It may be that we are singing songs, making paintings, and reconfirming where we now stand in order to endure the incredibly rapid flow.

Akiko Ando depicts her wishes for tranquility and modest everyday hopes through assiduously repeated renderings in mind-boggling detail. She states that she frees her heart when it feels something is beautiful, and that the related passage of time becomes a painting.

With his immigrant roots, Mitsuo Kim sheds light on the unavoidable isolation of the individual as well as the confrontation and discord deriving from contradictions and differences of thought in this age, when it is said that society has become more tolerant of diversity and people are free to achieve self-realization, regardless of their race or nationality.

Due to his experience of work in preserving and restoring sculptures, Sen Takahashi is keenly aware that an end comes to everything, and that his own work of artistic expression is no exception. While recognizing the uncertainty of existence, he faces the ends of things with a look that is not merely pessimistic.

Sho Tatsuta, a musician, has been traveling extensively within Japan since the pandemic made travel to other countries difficult. He has produced works that grew out of his encounters with various people and places in his travels. The audio pieces he composes in correspondence with the environment blend into people’s lives and sometimes induce change in them.

We hope that this exhibition will stir remembrance of the preciousness of our everyday life and prompt thought on the whereabouts of fulfillment, through the diverse perspectives animating the works of these four artists. Please come and see Distant Everyday, an exhibition celebrating the third anniversary of LEESAYA gallery!


2022年10月05日(水) - 11月06日(日)

 2019年10月にLEESAYAが開廊して以降、世界では様々な出来事が目まぐるしく巻き起こりました。COVID-19によるパンデミックや、ミャンマーでのクーデター、Black Lives Matter運動、各地での異常気象や、現在も続くロシア・ウクライナ間での戦争、物価高騰…思えばこの3年間、「まともな日」が一日でもあったでしょうか。私たちは日常的な非常事態に傷つきながらもなんとか今日までやってきました。いつからこんなにも刺激的な日常が常態化したのでしょう。はじめからそうだったのかも知れませんし、この先にもっと大きな変化が待ち受けているのかも知れません。



 4作家の作品に込められた多様な視点を通し、日常の尊さを思い出し、豊かさの在処について考えるきっかけになることを期待します。LEESAYA3周年記念展 遠い日常 を是非ともご高覧ください。


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