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Nukeme Solo Exhibition "Don’t Be Evil"
Nukeme Solo Exhibition "Don’t Be Evil"

Saturday, August 06, 2022 ‒ Sunday, August 21, 2022

Nukeme was born in Okayama Prefecture in 1986 and came to Tokyo after graduating from ESMOD Osaka School, an institution dedicated to apparel design, in 2008. In parallel with his work in fashion and advertising, he has been energetically producing artworks applying technology. One of his works won the jury selection award in "the Japan Media Arts Festival" held by the Agency for Cultural Affairs in 2012, and he was chosen to be a finalist in "the YouFab Global Creative Awards in 2014". Energetically producing and showing works in Japan, Nukeme held a solo exhibition titled "Glitch Embroidery" at LEESAYA last year. Displaying a wide range of glitch embroidery works, both old and new, this exhibition was a resounding success.

The work consisting of glitch embroidery, Nukeme's representative art is made by rewriting the binary codes of embroidery data fed to computerized sewing machines, to directly cause glitches in the movement of the needle. Here, the term "glitch" refers to the data or machine error/breakdown per se, or the state of data that are damaged but can still be reproduced (processed to provide output). Because the works are based on intentional disruption of data and output in a disordered status, the resulting shapes of familiar images and logos come out distorted and jar the minds of viewers.

In addition to his signature glitch embroidery works, this second solo exhibition at LEESAYA will include new unique pieces made by applying the technique to two-dimensional works. Don’t Be Evil, the exhibition title, is one of the mottos in the code of corporate conduct that had been espoused by the U.S. company Google since its founding. In May 2018, this motto was deleted, and in its place, Alphabet, the parent company, unveiled a new one: “Do the right thing.” For Nukeme, who has sensitively referenced the subtle workings of the information society in his art, this exhibition will undoubtedly be a platform for questioning the nature of right/wrong and rules in the contemporary age.

Make sure not to miss "Don't Be Evil", this solo exhibition of works by Nukeme.

Don’t Be Evil

2022年08月06日(土) - 08月21日(日)

ヌケメは1986年岡山県に生まれ、2008年に服飾の専門学校であるエスモード大阪校を卒業後、上京。ファッションや広告業と平行して、テクノロジーを活用した作品制作にも意欲的に取り組んでいます。2012年には文化庁メディア芸術祭にて審査委員会推薦作品に、2014年にはYouFab Global Creative Awards 2014ファイナリストに選ばれました。国内での発表を活発に行う中、昨年開催されたLEESAYAでの個展Glitch Embroideryでは旧作から新作まで幅広いグリッチ刺繍の作品群を展示し、大変ご好評をいただきました。


LEESAYAでの2度目の個展となる本展では、従来のグリッチ刺繍の作品群に加え、平面作品へ展開したユニークピースを新たに発表いたします。展覧会タイトルの「Don't Be Evil(邪悪になるな)」はアメリカの企業であるGoogleの企業行動規範のモットーとして創業以来掲げられていた一節です。2018年5月にこの一節は削除され、その代わりとして、親会社Alphabetが「Do the right thing(正しいことをしよう)」という新たな規範を示しました。情報社会の機微に敏感に触れてきたヌケメにとって、現代における正悪やルールに問いを投げかける展覧会になることでしょう。ヌケメの個展Don't Be Evilを是非ともご高覧ください。


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