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“ArtLog” function release ArtLog(アートログ)機能リリースのお知らせ
News : “ArtLog” function release

Thank you for using CaM.

We are pleased to announce that we have released the “ArtLog” function which allows you to post various mentions about art in the timeline.
This makes it possible to post curiosity and activities related to art such as “#exhibition” or “#artists” you recommend, keep them as logs, and communicate through them.

We hope to assist collectors and galleries make an easy and safe community.
We will continue to improve functions such as a mention function to select and notify specific users. We appreciate your opinions and requests for other functions.
Thank you for your continuous support for CaM.

CaM Committee


いつもCaM (キャム)をご利用いただきありがとうございます。



CaM コミッティー


Burart Diary
CaM is featured in the weblog Bur@rt which is operated by our member collector. Thank you so much!
Chihhung Liu Interview - MUUSEO SQUARE
Artist Interview by Collectors. The 1st edition has just been released. The artist is Mr Chihhung Liu. The interviewer is Mr Kanda.
千葉正也さんへのインタビュー記事がアップされました Interview with Masaya Chiba the Japanese painter
CaMメンバーコレクターの深野がモデレーターを務めさせて頂いている『What is 現代アート!?』。 今年最初の記事はコレクターによるアーティストへのインタビュー企画第二弾。 同じくCaMメンバーコレクターでもある棟田さんがペインターの千葉正也さんにインタビューされました。 千葉さんの絵画の秘密を知る手掛かりになれば幸いです。是非ご一読願います。 Artists interview the newest edition has just been released. The artist is Masaya Chiba. The interviewer is Mr Hibiki Muneta, CaM member collector.