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杉原玲那 Reina Sugihara「Frame」

2022. 6. 26 Sun - 7. 24 Sun

MISAKO ROSENでは、1回目となる杉原玲那の個展を開催いたします。


Reina Sugihara "Frame"
2022. 6. 26 Sun - 7. 24 Sun

MISAKO & ROSEN is pleased to announce first solo exhibition with Reina Sugihara. Reina Sugihara was born (1988) and presently lives and works in Tokyo.

Reina Sugihara paints viscerally; simultaneously viscous and static, her paintings picture haptic moments, the body abstracted and re-presented in a mix of matter and memory. Second-handedly sculptural, Sugihara’s paintings are constructed via her response to both anatomical drawings as well as an object, the weight and texture of which she measures through touch prior to painting. A sense of frozen time is achieved through her use of both forms and color that suggest a more historical painting without drawing upon a specific period or palette.

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