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井村一登 個展『折衷案がもたらすNレンマ』

KANA KAWANISHI GALLERYは、2024年3月23日(土)より井村一登個展『折衷案がもたらすNレンマ』を開催いたします。


KANA KAWANISHI GALLERYでの初個展となる本展では、「ガラスと鏡と写真の中間値的な何か」とでも呼べそうな、独自の表現を、初めて発表いたします。「ジレンマ(dilemma)」という言葉は、数字の2を表す接頭語である「di」が提示するとおり、2つの選択肢に迫られるなかで余儀なく抱えさせられる矛盾や難しさを示す言葉ですが、本展において井村は、人間社会が抱えてきた無数の主張、事実、可能性、選択肢、及び折衷案を抽出すべく、「Nレンマ」という造語を用いて展示へと昇華させます。

「自身の内面は自身のみが知り、自身の外見は他者にしか見えない。鏡像や写真は外見の再現 (re-presentation)の像であり、それ自体ではない。つまり内面、外見を双方向から知る存在がいない」とは井村自身の言葉ですが、世界中の日常生活に浸透し切っている「鏡」という存在は、改めてみつめてみると非常に原始的な問いかけを含んでいることに気付かされます。


KANA KAWANISHI GALLERY is pleased to present “The N-Lemma Posed by Compromise,” a solo exhibition by Kazuto Imura starting March 23, 2024.

Imura is an artist who has consistently pursued the motif of “mirror” with exceptional depth since he started his career as an artist in 2021. By taking a multifaceted approach to all elements related to the mirror surface, from obsidian excavated from ruins in B.C. to contemporary optical equipment and materials from all over Japan, he continues to comprehensively question the various problems posed by the question “Who am I?”

In this exhibition, his first solo show at KANA KAWANISHI GALLERY, Imura will present his unique expression for the first time, which could be called something intermediate between glass, mirror, and photography.

The word “dilemma,” as suggested by the prefix “di,” which stands for the number two, indicates the contradiction or difficulty one is forced to face when faced with two alternatives. In this exhibition, Imura uses the term “N-Lemma” coined by himself, to extract the myriad claims, facts, possibilities, options, and compromises that human society has held, to sublimate them into an exhibition.

“Only one knows one’s inner self, and only others can see one’s outer self. Mirror images and photographs are images of re-presentation of appearances, not themselves. In other words, there is no one who knows both the inside and the outside.” These are Imura’s own words, but when we look closer at the mirror, which has permeated our daily lives worldwide, we realize that it contains a very primitive question.

Who am I? The dilemma is that only one can know one’s inner self, while one’s outer self can only be recognized by others. We cordially invite all to this exhibition, which will showcase Imura’s new expression confronting the complexity of contemporary society while delving into the motif of the “mirror,” which is said to have been a fundamental desire and extremely mysterious from ancient times in its own way.

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4-7-6 Shirakawa, Koto-ku, Tokyo