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横山隆平 個展『CITY from the WIND / Carpe Diem』

KANA KAWANISHI PHOTOGRAPHYは、2023年6月3日(土)より横山隆平個展『CITY from the WIND / Carpe Diem』を開催いたします。


2022年にKANA KAWANISHI GALLERY(清澄白河)で開催した「HOLES and SCARS」に続き、KANA KAWANISHI PHOTOGRAPHY(西麻布)での初個展となる本展では、偶然性と都市風景と光と共にイメージ化した新作〈WIND〉を起点に、ベルリンの壁が着想点のひとつとなった代表作〈WALL〉や、ホラティウスの詩の一節「その日を摘め」にインスピレーションを得た〈CARPE DIEM〉など、複数のシリーズを響かせる展覧会を開催いたします。



KANA KAWANISHI PHOTOGRAPHY is pleased to present CITY from the WIND / Carpe Diem, a solo exhibition by Ryuhei Yokoyama starting June 3, 2023.

Ryuhei Yokoyama, who has consistently explored “What is a city?” as a photographer, began his career with black and white film street snapshots. While printing on various mediums using various techniques, at times, he also washes and damages the prints himself to diversely embody the complex aspects of the city that continues to change.

Following “Holes and Scars” at KANA KAWANISHI GALLERY (Kiyosumi Shirakawa) in 2022, this exhibition, his first solo show at KANA KAWANISHI PHOTOGRAPHY (Nishiazabu), will feature several series together to resonate with each other. With his new work WIND, which puts coincidence and urban landscape into an image with light as a starting point, it will also feature WALL, Yokoyama’s representative series inspired by the Berlin Wall, and CARPE DIEM inspired by a line from a poem by Horatius, “Seize the day.”

The artist’s constant, simultaneous production of multiple series can be described as an urban attitude itself.
Continuously renewing his expression based on his identity as a photographer who follows cityscape, we cordially invite all to this exhibition that explores the accelerating fluidity of the city.

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4-7-6 Shirakawa, Koto-ku, Tokyo